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The HairMax LaserComb was originally designed and developed in Australia. The Lasercomb is manufactured in the USA under strict quality oriented standards. The LaserComb is also patented in the USA with additional patents pending around the world.

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Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Lexington International, LLC. was established in 2000 to develop and promote a revolutionary hair care product, the HairMax LaserComb™.

Maintaining a commitment to quality control with friendly, accessible customer service is of primary importance to Lexington International.  

The founding director, Henry Pearl was a pioneer in the use of laser technology at a leading skin and hair care clinic and research center in Sydney, Australia from as early as 1986.

In Australia, HairMax developed and sold a single laser probe for the hair, which has been available to clients for self-care use since the 90's. The average sale price was A$2000. Client satisfaction was significant.

The energy parameters chosen for use in the HairMax LaserComb are the result of years of observing and analyzing the effects of lasers on thousands of individual cases. This is supported by our research program, as well as our ongoing study of related clinical trials of hair lasers around the world.

There have been over 3,500 positive scientific studies of Laser PhotoTherapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) published internationally to date. In 2003, an independent report by the Hair and Scalp Clinic of Clearwater, Florida was published in a peer reviewed medical journal. This landmark study demonstrated the correlation between LaserComb use and positive benefits to users.

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The day-to-day, cumulative experience was put into final effect by our expert laser, electronic, and design engineers in the form of the HairMax LaserComb. The ultimate result is a new generation hair care device you'll find more user-friendly than any other treatment available. We know, because we've made a lot of friends in hair care services over many years in Australia and around the world.

Dr Speron is also now using Botox injections at his office for hair restoration in men and women - this is another great nonsurgical option!



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